School Programs

“A wave of good will that money just can’t buy.”
Hastings Public School, Port Macquarie, NSW 

Our school programs are at the core of the Billy Tea Bush Band mission – connecting children, teachers and parents with our Australian culture, history and music… and with each other… through dance and fun! Our school program is entertaining and inclusive, leaving schools with a greater sense of community and connection. The fantastic feedback we receive is proof of how our program “hits the spot” with students, teachers and parents alike.

Not only that… we’ll go anywhere! The Billy Tea Bush Band have performed for hundreds of schools all around Australia – from the major cities to rural schools in all states, Indigenous communities in far northern Queensland, and even to Bruny Island off Tasmania’s most southern tip. Checkout our Tour Calendar for a list of where we’re going and where we’ve been so far.


We offer three main school programs, but can tailor a performance to suit any event you might hold… such as a fundraiser or building opening. Contact us for availability and to discuss your individual needs.

Program 1 – Workshop and Family Bush Dance

Our full program includes the Welcome Concert, plus two or more mixed-grade workshops for students, followed by the chance to put those new skills into action with a 60 to 90-minute evening Family Bush Dance for the wider school community. You can see recent feedback on this popular program below.

Program 2 – The Welcome Concert

This 50-minute interactive concert includes our favourite Aussie bush songs, and two classic Billy Tea bush dances. The concert is a chance to introduce everyone to the fun of bush dancing at a special event or assembly.

Program 3 – School Camp Bush Dance

To create a lasting memory, a 90 minute bush dance as a part of your next school camp is a great fun way to complement the camaraderie that school camps create so well.

Contact us for availability on your preferred dates and to discuss your individual needs. We’re happy to tailor our program to suit your school or event.


“The Billy Tea Bush Band performed at our school giving us one of the best events in our history! It was marvellous to see students, parents and grandparents dance the night away with huge smiles and a wave of good will that money can’t buy. The men of The Billy Tea Bush Band wove their magic, showing how music and dance can bring a community together and strengthen bonds. In the days following that great night we’ve had many parents contact the school to tell us how much they enjoyed the night.”

Grant Heaton, Principal, Hastings Public School, Port Macquarie, NSW 

“The children had a wonderful time and Mick and Phil’s enthusiasm and entertainment were fantastic. I had both children and teachers telling me how much fun they had. The evening family bush dance was fabulous and it was wonderful to see the children and adults with smiles on their faces and happy to join in the fun. What an awesome way to end the day, and a social night not just for the children but parents too! Thanks so much – it was our school’s first bush dance in 20 years and I’m sure you will be visiting our school again to entertain and teach the kids the fantastic bush dances again.”

Jodie Versteegen, P&F Committee, Diamond Creek PS, VIC 

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